Important notice about balloon!



Folks, as you know Cappadocia is a great place to take the balloon ride. Besides being a tour you do not do every day and anywhere, the geography and nature of Cappadocia add many beauties to this beautiful experience.

Even for this, in the last years, the number of balloons in the region that daily made the excursions since 1983 has increased a lot. For 30 years of experience, Cappadocia nowadays has perfect pilots, very serious company, excellent service and a lunar geography only for you to accomplish everything in perfection.


Book in advance so you do not have problem with limited spaces of the balloons and to prevent of absurd prices. I am at your disposal for your reservation

And unfortunately last year, 2013, a major accident happened in the region and 3 ladies died in this accident. In fact, their death did not occur because of balloon falls, but it occurred because of a heart attack, while the balloon pierced and began to lose its height. Because until the basket reached the floor, the balloon was holding gas and air in it, and as soon as it slowed down.

I mean that accident is bad and pity that happened but thinking that in any vehicle d transportation also has the same accident risks.

Okay, my question was not this. I’m sorry for relatives of these ladies who lost their lives here in Cappadocia in a balloon accident. We feel very sad about this fact!

Arriving these days, we have to know some changes imposed by the Turkish authorities.

1- The number of balloons: Nowadays, Sivil Havacilik, a Turkish authority, who defines everything in Cappadocia on the balloon rides and put the daily limit for the tour and only 100 balloons that may have authorization. The companies have daily balloon limit and fail to exercise with all their balloons. They have, in percentage, limited the balloons of the companies. Let’s assume that the company of Anatolian balloons while having 30 balloons, today it can lift only 8 balloon.

In fact, today in cappadocia has more than 250 balloons in the hand of more than 20 companies with all their ground staff and pilots to drive this number.

Teams have great experience growth after obligations and controls of official officer

2- Improvement of services: As each company has limits, this forced them to improve the services. Especially in the choice of pilots, they nowadays have chosen the best pilots to work with. Before, as there was no limit, so much that the client appears, they prepared the balloon and the next day, they performed the balloon even for a couple, they raised every balloon.

This means that the level of balloon services has been equal at the same high level. Before I had this discussion and problems. But nowadays, all companies carry out the services with the same style, quality, and comfort with the best pilots.

3- To prevent depleted places you have to reserve in advance: The capacity of 100 balloons with 24 people per balloon – in general – means that 2400 people will have the opportunity to carry out the balloon.

Imagine that cappadocia receives more than 2 million tourists a year. If you divide, this number means that more than 6,000 tourists will drop by the same day by dawn. Let’s assume that only 50% of these tourists want to make the balloon, this means that around 3000 people want to make the balloon.

Only in April, 2014, 15 of my clients did not get the balloon because they left the reservation by the last minute. Attention!

4- The basket and the balloons have the time of use: The accident as it acted because of a balloon hole, Turkish authority began to oblige the care of baskets and balloons, to be more strict. Today after each ride, the basket and the balloon that gave service is inscribed in the official authority with use time schedule. After completing a certain time, the balloon will no longer be used in any company. This will lessen the risk of some other similar accident.

Because of these reasons, we require our customers to make their reservations in advance with convenience. You do not have to tell me the exact date you want to hold the balloon, with the name of your hotel in Cappadocia.

You have to fill out the mail order form that I send to you and we get the value from here.

Let’s suppose that the balloon was not due to wind or other climatic reasons, we returned the amount to your account without any cut.

Send us the information and details of your program to make this tour for you:

Summarizing the tips of the balloon ride: 

  • If you dream about the balloon ride, then do not leave it by the last minute. And so, you guarantee your place in this tour by fixed price and general. 150 euros or 200 dollars. And so prevent from encountering the absurd prices.
  • If you do not dream about the balloon ride and do not think it’s not that important then you can leave this tour for the last minute. Because so, you can find cheaper prices.
  • No matter the name of the balloon company, because they are all good and carry out the tour very successfully.
  • Do not forget to wear a jacket and wear a little heavy for this ride.
  • Do not forget to take the photo camera with a charged battery.


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