How to Travel with Us?

Until now, thousands of people have joined a private tour with us.

You will notice how easy it is to join a private tour with us. Here, we will explain this step by step.

Please follow:

Step One: Visit our website to learn more about who we are. See our services, and our packages. Meet our Instagram where we share photos of the tours which are done recently. Check our itineraries, you can choose a suitable one or inform us about your destinations.


Step Two: Send us an email with as much detailed as possible. If you have a ticket reservation, if you have hotel reservations and etc.


Step Three: Make sure that you have sent your interests and conditions in this email. For example, how much investment did you want to make for this trip? Or how many days can you separate for this trip? Or how many people will be with you on this trip? This will help us to suggest you the most suitable and optimal option.


Step Four: We will return to your email with our explanations after studying your profile and your interest. We will send a proposal of itinerary for your approval.


Step Five: In this email we will also sent you hotel options. If you want us to book the hotel, please, do not forget to give the full names of each passenger with the dates of birth. We do not need a passport or CPF number.


Step Six: We will receive your approval and calculate the total costs of our services. We will send our payment instruction.


We can receive % 20 advance as a confirmation signal to our bank account, and we can leave the balance payment to hold in Turkey.


Step Seven: Once we receive the confirmation payment, we will send the detailed voucher for you to save until the trip.


Step Eight: You receive our voucher. The day of travel has arrived. You arrive in Istanbul, and start our services.