How to Make Tulum Cheese (Awesome Taste)



Traditionally different types of tulum cheese are made in different regions in our country.

The most famous tulum cheese belongs to Erzincan region.


The tulum cheese, which is the crown of the breakfast or dinner tables, attracts people with its taste and smell. So, how is tulum cheese made?


Tulum cheese

Tulum cheese is made from fat-free sheep’s milk. The milk used is used as raw. The milk is filtered through a cloth and its temperature is controlled by touching the fingertip. The fermentation temperature is very important for tulum cheese as in other cheese productions.


Tulum cheese

The fermentation temperature should be between 27-41 degrees. Since milk used in the production of Tulum cheese is raw, it is said that the microfor milk that may be in milk gives a distinct flavor to milk.




1 tablespoonful of rennet, 20 liters of milk is added to the milk. It is covered with a blanket or similar cover to maintain its own temperature. After 1-2.5 hours, the coagulated milk reaches the consistency that does not stick to the hand. These clots are taken with buckets and filled in bags. These collected coagulated portions are taken into large cans and thoroughly crushed with clean bare feet.


Tulum cheese making


Crushed and kneaded material is completed and then filled into the overalls. Addition of salt is added during the filling of the overalls and the inside air is released by pushing it into the overalls. When the overalls are full, a certain amount of salt is sprinkled to the top. In order to mature at the temperature of 6-10 degrees at 65-85% humidity for 3-6 months. It is made of goat skin where the cheese of Tulum is placed and it should be known that it gives cheese a distinct flavor and smell.


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