Cappadocia, the Underground Cities, Kaymaklı, Derinkuyu and Others.

Cappadocia, one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers

Last year (2018), Cappadocia region reached the highest number of visitors with 2 million 949 thousand 542 tourists

1 million 87 thousand 947 people visited the historic underground cities in the Cappadocia region last year. In 2016, there were 397 thousand 161turists in the region and 674 thousand 365 tourists in 2017.

1 million 87 thousand 947 of the tourists who visited the historical, natural and cultural riches of the region in the UNESCO World Heritage List visited the underground cities open to tourism.

Kaymaklı, one of the underground cities that puts guests on a mysterious journey, visited 532 thousand 396 tourists.
Derinkuyu underground city 381 thousand 846
Özkonak underground city 136 thousand 896,
Mazı underground city 28 thousand 513,
Tatalarin underground city  8 thousand 296

The underground cities, whose construction dates still cannot be clarified, but are known to be used by people for thousands of years, consist of rooms, warehouses, places of worship, transition tunnels and gathering areas where thousands of people can be accommodated at the same time.

The underground settlements that reach different units can be reached by passing through narrow tunnels reaching the bottom of the earth’s surface.

Those who search the internet may be a little surprised, but it’s impossible for you to see your place and not keep your mouth open. These unique structures resemble a large ant nest and wonder how they were made. Most tourists speak of the beauty of Cappadocia, but they also admire the underground paradise. Tourists who cannot believe their eyes as they wander through this maze-style building summarize this place as impossible and fantastic. You will not believe how a place like this was done centuries ago and try to convince people to come here.

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