Balloon Ride in Cappadocia


For sure the best activity in Cappadocia is the balloon ride. Be sure to do otherwise you may regret it!

The balloon ride is optional on all packages sold abroad.

How it works?


1-  You inform us which hotel you will be staying in Cappadocia. The places famous for their  hotels  are Göreme, Ürgüp, and Uçhisar. Among these cities the distance is about 15 kms.

2-  Balloon company employees will pick you up from the hotel at the time you notified the day before. Balloon rides are held early in the morning. The purpose of this is to enjoy and contemplate the extraordinary beauty of the region at the time of sunrise. Because the rays of sunlight illuminating the volcanic formations turn the earth into a beautiful lunar scene.This is why companies often set the time to search around 5am – 6pm (depending on the season). And the journey lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes until the point of departure.

3-  They take you to the place where they are preparing the takeoff. You expect to fill the balloons while drinking coffee or Turkish tea.

4-  You go up in the balloon and hopes the scenery change before your eyes.

5-  The landing is very quiet. The choice of landing is of the company that is providing the flight service. Many companies in Cappadocia are well-prepared and always controlled by the official entities. After the landing you celebrate the flight with champagne. Receive the certificates and take you back to your hotel so you can have breakfast in peace.

– We will pick you up at the hotel (we advise the pick-up time the previous day around 20h).(6am – 6:15 am depending on your hotel and our logistics of our passengers);

“We took the place to our breakfast in the morning. We offer a coffee and snacks while we do the part of flight documentation with your signatures;

– Let’s go to the launch site. We watched the team prepare the balloons;

– We enter the baskets, and we will fly over about 1:20 min;

– We land where our pilot thinks it is safer and more viable. We land and descend to celebrate a celebration with sparkling wine and we commemorate the distribution of certificate to carry out this tour;

– We take you back to your hotel around 8 am – 8:30 am;

What is the cost of the tour?  Values ​​vary for this type of tour in Cappadocia. Especially in high season, when some companies increase the prices of tours. So we recommend that you do not leave the tour reservation for the last few days.

In the case of our offer, the value would be € 175 per person. An hour’s drive including all detailed service upstairs. Please make a reservation in advance.


– Transportation from the hotel and after the tour transfer back to the hotel;

– Personal accident insurance with a policy covering more than 10 million euros;

– Breakfast before the flight;

– Celebration with champagne after the landing;

– 1h20 flight in the balloon;

– Baskets with capacity of 24 people.

Because of the limits, it is recommended to book in advance. Otherwise, there is a chance that there will be no vacancies to complete the tour at the moment.

To complete your reservation send an email to  with the following information:

  • Full names of passengers;
  • The name of the hotel in Cappadocia (we can book);
  • The exact date of the tour;
  • Mobile number to speed up contact

Private tours only for you and your group: There is the possibility of taking the tour privately. In this case, depending on the number of people it is possible to hire the balloon of 12 or 16 seats. Therefore, please contact us in advance at

Sometimes, some packages offer tours of 2 hours or more. But we do not recommend this tour for losing grace and causing boredom during the tour. You can send us an email if you would like the service: .

About payment:

If you hire our full terrestrial services, we charge 20% of the total prepayment amount for our account . And the value balance (80%) would be paid at the end of services in Turkey.

But if you want to hire only our balloon service, we have to charge the full amount of the balloon ride service in reais to our Itaú account:


Get ready to be the one of our satisfied travelers;

Our tour advices are just a suggestion, please inform us about your different travel plan and

Give us an opportunity to design your holiday.


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