13 Days in Turkey- All by plane

– 2 days Istanbul – 2 days Cappadocia – 1 day Ephesus – 1 day Pamukkale -2 days Bodrum

First day: Arrival in Istanbul: (please inform flight number) 

Reception and transfer to hotel. The airport is Ataturk airport. The hotel may be among our options.

Let’s decide next to this hotel matter.

Second day: Tours in Istanbul with guide in Portuguese.

Breakfast at the hotel in the morning from 07:00 hours.

At 09h00 our local guide will meet you in the hotel lobby to start the tours (on time we can communicate and change according to conditions.)

Guide service accredited in Portuguese throughout the day until 5:00 pm or 5:30 pm.

The rides on this day will be as follows:

  • Ancient Roman Hippodrome;
  • Blue Mosque;
  • Hagia Sophia;
  • Basilica cistern;
  • Grand Bazaar; (we can determine the time you want to spend in the Grand Bazaar, except that we usually separate 1h30 or two hours for this visit)

(Return to hotel and rest)

(Accommodation in Istanbul)

Third day: Tours in Istanbul with guide

Breakfast at the hotel

Around 09: 00hrs our local guide will pick you up to start the tours (or any time you prefer)

Portuguese speaking guide

The tours will be as follows:

  • Suleymaniye Mosque;
  • Spice Market;
  • Boat trip on the Bosphorus canal;
  • Topkapi Palace;

(Return to hotel and rest)

(Accommodation in Istanbul)

Fourth day: Trip to Cappadocia 

In the afternoon transfer to the airport to catch the flight to Cappadocia.

Reception at Cappadocia airport and transfer to the hotel.

Airport is Nevsehir.

On the subject of hotel, we can choose between our options. Let’s decide together.

Fifth day: Balloon ride and Tour of the region of Cappadocia

Very early, we will do the famous balloon ride. (Note 5)

Every process of balloon ride starts from 05:00 in the morning and ends at the hotel around 08:00 hours. We look around from your hotel and bring you back to the hotel.

On return from the hotel, we can have breakfast in the morning.

At 10:00, we went out for the tour of the region with our guide and our van.

We will have visits around the area.

The whole day tour. (Note 6)

– Underground City of Kaymakli: You will travel to the underground city built under the hill known as the Citadel of Kaymakli and opened to the public in 1964. People who lived in Kaymakli (Enegup in Greek) built their houses around a hundred underground tunnels.

– Pigeon Valley: It is one of the most famous valleys in the region of Cappadocia and its name comes from the pigeon-cotes carved on its walls. The valley provides a walk in a green valley with many different rock formations and hundreds of pigeon houses carved into the rock and painted white to attract the pigeons. Farmers collect the droppings of pigeons which are an excellent fertilizer for vines and orchards.

– Uçhisar Castle: Uçhisar means “fortress” in Turkish and is one of the most typical localities of Cappadocia, with its house being confused with the rocky landscape so characteristic of the region. Situated on the highest point in Cappadocia, it houses the Uçhisar Castle, which provides an incredible panoramic view of the region. Of volcanic origin, the rock castle was used as a shelter in the Hittite period (about 1500 BC) and later by the early Christians during the Roman period and the Byzantines during the Arab incursions in the 7th and 8th centuries and during the first Turkish invasions. The fortress is an authentic labyrinth that includes chapels, monasteries, rooms, dining rooms, warehouses and rooms linked together by a network of galleries spread over twenty floors. Some of the houses are still inhabited.

– Vale Rosa: Trail 4km. It is located valley between Göreme and Çavusin and is divided into many small valleys: Gulludere, Kizilcukur, Meskendir and Zindanonu. This beautiful valley was named after the color of the rocks, which varies in tone and intensity depending on the position of the sun, the season and the weather conditions. During the walk we will visit several churches, houses and tunnels in the caves. The Rosa Valley has trails of low, medium and high difficulty.

– Village of Çavuşin: It is one of the oldest settlements in the area. In this village stands the Church of St. John the Baptist, which offers a panoramic view of the village. Built in the fifth century, it has an impromptu location and its façade with columns emphasize its prominence over the whole valley.

Tickets and lunches included on this day.

Return to the hotel around 17:30.

Lodging at the hotel.

For dinner we will have some suggestions for you.

Day 6: Cappadocia Tour

Breakfast at the hotel (included)

From 10:00, we will meet with our guide and our driver and we will take the tour around the region.

The whole day tour.

– Esentepe: The region of Esentepe is the best place to observe the variety of colors of the fairy chimneys and this incredible landscape of the moon!

– Open-air museum Göreme: It houses treasures from the time of the first Christians, who here took refuge to survive the persecutions by the Roman Empire. For a long time it was the center of the monastic life, it housed several Churches excavated in the stones, constructed between centuries VII and XIII that continue in their great majority, open for visits, revealing its interior covered of Byzantine frescoes.

Some are in a better state of preservation than others, and in some, the frescoes are repeated, understandable, if we judge for the educational value they represented, since the images facilitated the understanding of the teachings of the gospel of Christ. The museum has been a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984.

– Vale Devrent: It is also known as Valley of Imagination or Pink Valley and reveals many rocky lunar formations. The little fairy chimneys of the valley form a lunar landscape because of its strange appearance. The valley also has several rocks in the form of animals. It looks like a zoo carved out of nature! Some of the most easily visible forms are camels, snakes, seals and dolphins. If you give wings to your imagination you can also see other shapes. It’s like looking at the clouds and seeing dragons. There is even a rock that looks like the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus

– Valley of Pasabag: The valley has the mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys where the monks lived alone and reserved on the rocks.

– Avanos: It is situated on the banks of the Kızılırmak, the Red River, which is the largest river in Turkey and separates the city from other parts of Cappadocia. The town is known mainly for tapestry and for its red clay pottery from the banks of Kızılırmak, a traditional activity in the area since the time of the Hittites, and still very important. It is a popular tourist destination due to the beauty of the old town with its cobbled streets and river views.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

Tickets and lunches included on this day.

Return to the hotel around 17:30.

Lodging at the hotel included.

For dinner we will have some suggestions for you.

Seventh day: Transfer to catch flight to Izmir

Transfer to the airport to catch the flight to Izmir.

Reception with private guide and private van for the whole day tour.

Overnight in Ephesus or Kusadasi.

Let’s go to Ephesus and visit:

  • The House of the Virgin Mary;

After lunch, we will visit the archaeological site of Ephesus, the Roman capital of Asia Minor.

Rest at the hotel. On the subject of the hotel we decided together.

Eighth day: Trip to Pamukkale. – 190 km away. 

Breakfast at the hotel

Early in the morning we will leave for Pamukkale.

As soon as we get there we will have a great time to enjoy the beaches of Algodão.

Unique place in the world and fantastic.

We can bathe in these píscinas if they have interest.

We will visit the site of Hierapolis, and we can also visit the martyrdom of St. Philip.

Lunch in Pamukkale

And around 18:00 after so many activities, we arrive at the Hotel for rest

(Dinner with buffet included in hotel)

(Accommodation in Pamukkale – Already included – The hotel can be 1- HIERA PARK or Doga Thermal.)

Ninth day: Trip to Bodrum by car – (240 km. Does not have direct flight between these stretches.)

And from Pamukkale, drive to Bodrum.

After breakfast in the hotel we head towards Bodrum.

Arrival is expected around noon.

In the afternoon we will visit the castle of the city where it has the largest aquatic museum in the Mediterranean.

And we will visit the ruins of Mausoleum, one of the seven marvels of the ancient world.

Overnight in Bodrum. About hotel, we can decide together.

Tenth day: Free day in Bodrum.

Free day – we can take the boat trip taking stops on the most hidden and famous beaches.

Overnight in Bodrum.

Eleventh day: Free day in Bodrum.

Free day

Overnight in Bodrum.

Day 12:  return to Istanbul.

Transfer to airport to catch flight to Istanbul

The flight lasts 1h15 min.

Arrival in Istanbul and reception and

Transfer to hotel in Istanbul

Thirteenth day:

Transfer to the airport to catch the flight to your next destination.



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