Activities in Cappadocia


It is difficult to see nowadays, the same amount of horses that had in the past, even baptized the name of the region, as ‘land of good horses’

       Horse riding.

Love for horses has always been part of Turkish culture, and that is why on our excursion we could not miss riding in Cappadocia, a place called in the past “Land of good horses”, not only a sporting form, but also the opportunity to discover extraordinary landscapes.

If you want to do one of these options in Cappadocia, email us and we will organize your status by planning everything right:



With your boyfriend, or with a group of friends, or even with the people you met while traveling, be sure to take a trekking in Cappadocia – Trekking. 
There are many places where only walking is possible to discover its most attractive places and enjoy the natural environment. For this reason, guided trekking tours are ideal for direct contact with nature.
Vale de Rosa, Ihlara Valley and Pigeon Valley are prepared to welcome trekking lovers.Enough you for your boot and your photo machine. You will witness the presence of nature at every step.


Have to separate a whole day for this tour Jeep adventure
Have an unforgettable experience in a 4 × 4 jeep with a group of people with professional training that will help you to live a unique adventure, enjoying a journey in spectacular mountains, deep gorges and almost unexplored places with panoramic views.



A bit dangerous but if you have interest, do not forget to do

ATV- Four-Cycles:
It is a fun and useful way for you to enjoy the land of Cappadocia. For one hour 70 lire. All you have to do is mark the time you want, if you do not have the right time, join another group that will leave at the appointed time. The rides are always run by a ‘four-cycle guide’ that will guide you and take you to beautiful places.

The biggest attraction in the area. The best place in the world to take a ride with hot air ballon


Balloon ride

Accompanying the birth of daylight, a balloon expedition along with 100 balloons is not something you will get everywhere. And yet to repair the beauty of the landscape is only realized in Cappadocia.
It is safe to not cry, but it can recover its energy of loving the earth. Because it will never be released!
Dress well in the morning, because it’s cold at this time.
It is recommended that you make the reservation in advance so that you do not fall into a disastrous situation that destroys your ride.
Prepare the photo and memory card machine! will have many valid scenes.
Discover hidden places of extraordinary beauty, panoramic views and breathtaking scenery, accompanied by our guides.

 Balloon ride prices? The balloon ride takes place today in various formats. Especially today in cappadocia you find more than 100 balloons that belong to over 20 different companies. In general, the most offered tour is standart which lasts an hour and twenty minutes of overflights in the region. The cost of this tour is 150 euros in cash. Only some companies to vary this tours, offer some services high or reduced and thus, raise or reduce the value of the tour as well.

It is very common for you to hear from people who have paid higher values ​​up to 200 euros for this balloon ride. There are some reasons that cause this difference.

Above all, Turkey is a country where you can find all kinds of variations of services. Basic & simple services and also luxury services is easy to find. Because it has a good infrastructure to offer customers.

For example, they do not offer campahgne at the end of the tour to commemorate and discount the value. And another way is that they offer the big baskets to reduce the value as well. But on the other hand, the company offers more services from this search until the customer returns to your hotel. While some companies do pick-up with shuttle, some companies offer shuttle service to their customers and hence the ride’s value increases. Why that morning you do not wait in the van to fetch more than 10 people from different hotels and go straight to the balloon takeoff location.

Another thing that sets the price is the season. Especially in the months of this April until the end of September, you see that in Turkey, considered as high season. For this reason, companies do not want to sell their seats for low value.

Another thing that sets the value is last minute. If you leave this tour to book at the last minute, with greater possibility you will find with prices much higher than normal.

But you can be sure that the amount recommended by the tourism ministry on the balloon ride in Cappadocia costs per person 150 euros and so can evaluate the services of the company.

To know about our services and the values ​​please send us an e-mail informing us what date and how many people you wanted for this tour:


The earth rotates, the cells spin, the universe rotates … Each ‘thing’ rotates. Do you want to know why?So make a new experiment

Do research on ‘Sufism’ and read at least Islamic philosophy. Because without infrastructural basis, this presentation will not mean much.
For anyone who knows about Islamic mysticism, and spiritual culture is certainly a good experience. “The Dervish Ritual, with its ceremonial dance called Sema that will lift them to a spiritual retreat for one hour


A lot for you to try

Tastings .
Do you want a better way to know a destination than to taste its gastronomic delights? This activity will offer you the possibility to taste traditional and very special Turkish products and to know the imperial flavors.


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