1 day- Ephesus tour


Trip to Ephesus – Whisk

We look for you from the hotel (please inform the hotel name) in Istanbul around 5:30 am for the flight leaving at 7:00 am from Istanbul and arrival at around 8:00 am in Izmir (we can travel with few belongings because we will return the same day). (The one-way ticket, we will buy for the passengers. We need names and dates of birth of passengers.)

Landing in Izmir, our guide greets us on the way out with our driver. We take our car (van, minibus or bus) and we will take the road for 70 km to Ephesus.

Ephesus is a museum and archaeological site that is very well preserved, where we have the ruins belonging to the Greco-Roman period. In this museum, we made a walk among the ruins of this ancient city.

We make a monitored visit with the company of our private guide. The visit lasts 1h30.

Then we go to the House of Mary which is 8 km away from Ephesus. This is the house in which Mary is said to have lived the end of her life. Accompanied by St. John the Evangelist, Mary was taken to Ephesus from Jerusalem. During this visit there is the custom of placing a request on the wall. So prepare your order now! In the house, there is also a source considered sacred, in which it is possible to drink water, or even save a little to take home, to your family or friends. Get ready for this meeting!

We will also visit the basilica of St. John the Evangelist . Site is indicated as one of the pilgrimage points for Christianity because of visits by Popes.

We will also know the temple of Artemis , one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Today there is only one lonely hill on the site of this pagan temple that received pilgrims from all over the world in the Hellenistic and even Roman centuries. (On Hellenistic and pagan part, we can discard of our routes and we can skip these visits, if the passenger does not interest.)

We will know the history of  Alexander the Great in this region.

Lunch on this day will be quite typical, ŞİŞ KEBAP . It is a wooden skewer of lamb meat grilled in charcoal and served with the Çoban salad, a simple salad with tomato, onion, pepper seasoned with olive oil from the region.

We will see from far away, the goat’s castle that is in a peak of the region, which today no longer has easy access. The castle is dated to 6th century BC, Persian period.

In the afternoon around 17:00, we returned to the airport of Izmir with our driver and the company of the guide and we took the flight to Istanbul of return.

We bought this ticket for the passengers.

The one hour flight to Istanbul.

Landing in Istanbul, we will have our receptionist waiting for you with a poster.

We will   transfer you to your hotel in Istanbul.

End of our services.

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey. In this city has international airport, which has flights departing to some cities of Europe. Then the airport can be our starting point for the day of sightseeing.

The cost of this trip is  490 euros  per person in the case of a couple.
In the case of larger groups please notify


  • All transfers from your hotel in Istanbul until returning to your hotel in Istanbul.
  • Domestic roundtrip tickets to Istanbul – Izmir, Izmir – Istanbul for 2 tickets per person;
  • Guide services in Portuguese from Izmir airport to the return airport. (The guide in English or in Spanish or Portuguese. Please show your preference.)
  • Full day chauffeur service from Izmir to Izmir airport. car costs are included.
  • Tickets for museum visits all cited during the day.



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